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Starting up
September 2023
Marketing director
A practical course that will teach you how to develop marketing strategies, manage budgets and teams, and build an integrated marketing system within the company.
Starting up
All the necessary pool of technical and creative skills to set up and optimize advertising in Facebook Ads Manager account to run growth hacking performance and branding traffic
Facebook Paid Ads Manager
Starting up
Our intensive Copywriting Course will help you master the techniques of creating ideas and teach you how to turn ideas into creative ad copy. We prepared for you modern approaches to copywriting, trends, current cases, and many practical tasks.
Starting up
June 2023
Google Ads Manager
In this course, you will design, customize, and run your own search and media advertising campaigns. Learn how to optimize them for optimal results at the lowest cost.
Starting up
June 2023
Digital Strategy Manager
We will consider all the main tools, knowledge, and skills for developing and launching strategies for promoting a company. Learn how to analyze your target audience, market, and competitors, and then build an effective strategy for promoting your company online.
Starting up
June 2023
Web-analytics Manager
Deepen your knowledge of web analytics. You will learn to analyze traffic and advertising campaigns systematically. Learn to formulate and test hypotheses that will help you find growth points for the business.
Starting up
June 2023
SEO Manager
An up-to-date program for those who want to learn how to effectively bring a website to a leading position in Google, find points of project growth, and increase traffic. Learn to develop a promotion strategy, optimize websites and bring them to the top.
Starting up
September 2023
Influencer Marketing Manager
Learn to search for influencers, measure quality, and build a blogger base. Find out the features of such platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok to establish effective interaction with influencers.
Starting up
September 2023
In the course, you will learn how to define the goals and objectives of a strategy for promotion in social media, create high-quality content to attract an audience and work with bloggers.
Starting up
September 2023
Community Manager
Get the skills you need to build and manage a community from scratch. We will teach you to involve participants, communicate with them, manage your team and overcome crises.
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Study online with your own pace.
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